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Frog Foundation is the non profit beneficiary of the Frog group of companies.

Shane McConvill

Chinchilla’s favourite boxing star. Shane is well respected in the Chinchilla area.

He would be a great face to endorse products if you would like to sponsor him please contact.

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Chinchilla Skate Park

Trudy and Amanda started the Skate Park Event Aug 2009 a place for youth to hang out every friday night. was there to capture some of the action. Contact Trudy for more info.

  1. Electrician Gas Fitter, Split system air conditioner installer. (Frog Electrical).

  2. Photographer (

  3. 4 time Waterski Coach & Director at a Kenmont Summer Camp Connecticut America

  4. He and his crew have taken more than 16000 lessons

  5. Electrical business London UK. 1998-2000

  6. Had his own ski school with Ray Stokes world famous ski coach 2004 & 5 (Frog Waterski)

  7. Silver medal, Slalom 2004 masters games Gold Coast

  8. Gold medal, Slalom 2006 QLD state final

  9. Head water ski coach Golden Falls Water Ski Club. Ireland 2007

  10. Water skiing program for homeless kids 5 seasons

  11. Bronze medal, Slalom 2009 QLD, 2@12m

  12. Currently coaching at Loch Earn Waterski Lake Queensland

  13. Official photographer World Disabled Water Ski Championships France 2009

  14. Head Coach Summer Camp Water Ski Programme Newcastle 2010

  15. Level one Coach endorsed by the Australian Water Ski Federation.

  1. Director Frog Services

  2. Director

  3. Director Frog Foundation

The future

Our History

Who is Frog Foundation since 2004

Andy Clare 30/12/65 Australia

What Frog has done

Summer Camp 2010

Frog was a major sponsor of S.E.P (Summer Educational Programme) held by Grace Communion International, every 2 years in Newcastle. Andy Clare was the head coach and the event was endorsed by the Australian Water Ski Federation.

filmed and produced by

In 2004 Andrew Clare’s love of water skiing led him, and a few of his mates to start a charity.

Frog Foundation, to take homeless kids water skiing.

About the same time His parents David and Beryl Clare had started recycling used and selling new cooking oil. David and Beryl in there late 70s, and a little old ute collected and sold over 200000 litres of oil. The couple worked tirelessly receiving no wages, giving all the profits into Frog, they raised over $65,000.00.

David and Beryl retired in 2008 at the age of 79.

David and Beryl Clare 60th anniversary

David in his factory

About Andy Clare

At 8 years old  Andy 1st learned to water ski at Summer Camp Leslie Dam Australia. His love of water skiing and camps led him to work at Summer Camps in America he noticed how excited the youth were to learn. So the dream started to have all year round  summer camp that is a school.

Some of his achievements

Our Dream

Is to have an education system based on a summer camp.  The type of activities you see in the pictures thru this web site can be used as an educational platform. Before you can go skiing, calculate how far the boat goes in 60secs. While one class is waterskiing an other class is taking photos and putting a slide show together.  The gifted Photographers could work for  We call this a holistic approach to education.

We are small

In the grand scheme of things we are small. One thing is sure, from little things big things grow.

The diversity of our business allows us to sponsor charities sports people and non profits in different ways.

In the short term

By summer 2010 We would like a ski boat, a tow vehicle big enough to house driver, coach, cameras, computers and ski gear.

In the Medium term

We would like a world class competition ski lake this facility would be used by the whole community a ski club, community groups, schools, corporate days, state, national and international competition etc.

  1. This out fit could be used for the following events

  2. Community events

  3. Indigenous events

  4. Local club activities

  5. State Championships

  6. Disabled events

  7. Coaching Clinics

  8. World Class coaching

  9. School Sport Days

  10. Summer Camps

  11. Introduction to water skiing come and try days


A collaboration of sponsorship is sort. Gaming fund, Surat Basin Mining Industry, Fuel suppliers, Frog Foundation, The cooperation of the Australian Water Ski Federation. Interested Community groups wanting to use our service.

Directors Note

Welcome and thank you for looking at our website. We are looking forward to the next chapter of our community work. It could be any sport It just happens I love water skiing and love giving people the opportunity to have a go. More importantly it is a great vehicle for personal development I have noticed over and over the higher I raise the bar the more the youth jump over it.

Please contact me directly on  0408 192 136

God Bless Andy Clare


0408 192 136

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