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Quality, Safety and the Environment

Frog Air is committed to providing quality solutions. We have developed and are continually improving our integrated management systems.


Frog Air is dedicated to providing a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of AS/ISO 9001:2000. Our work complies with all of the relevant Australian standards.


Frog Air is committed to and, work to systems necessary to fulfil the requirements of the:

  1. Electricity Safety Act 2002.

  2. Electrical Safety Regulation 2002.

  3. Workplace Health and Safety Regulation.

  4. Queensland Electrical Contracting Industry Code of Practice.

  5. All customer safety standards and policies.

All of our staff have been fully trained in occupational health and safety and are holders of the Induction Bluecard. All staff have had CPR training and carry appropriate personal protective equipment. Our staff do not work with asbestos and will ensure that appropriately skilled and licensed professionals are engaged to work with asbestos.


Frog Air acknowledge the importance of protecting the environment as part of a global community. We are committed to implementing an Environmental Management System to minimise environmental risk from company activities.

We will strive for continual improvement and prevention of pollution. We will comply with all Environmental Laws, Regulations and other requirements under our contracts of service

Frog Air Guarantee

Frog Air guarantee the work performed and materials used for any defects for a period up to 12 Months from the date of Installation. The exception to this is normal wear and tear of items such as Washers inside of Plumbing Fixtures, blockages in pipes and Fuses & Light Bulbs. In these cases we will cover the defective materials/work only.

Product Warranties

In many cases we install Products that have their own Warranties (such as Fujitsu Air Conditioners) that extend beyond 12 Months. In these cases, we will extend our warranties to match.

Frog Air is helping to fund our charity.

Because our ethos is how can we serve our fellow man and how can we use the profits to benefit the community we attract workers with the same ideals.  Our workers feel they have a sense of purpose. A recent study by the National Geographic on longevity, concluded the biggest common denominator was being involved in something bigger than your self.

Money was made round to go round.

Philanthropic companies are nothing new.  Some companies in America give up to 20% of there profits to there beneficiary while the parent company takes care of all the admin costs, making the beneficiary as efficient as posable. Frog is following that model. 20% is not sustainable for us while we are building a base, but the time will come when we can increase our current percentages.

Our Dream

Is to have an education system based on a summer camp.  The type of activities you see in the pictures thru this web site can be used as an educational platform. Before you can go skiing, calculate how far the boat goes in 60secs. While one class is waterskiing an other class is taking photos and putting a slide show together.  The gifted Photographers could work for

In the short term

By summer 2010 We would like a ski boat, a tow vehicle big enough to house cameras and computers.

We are small

In the grand scheme of things we are small. One thing is sure, from little things big things grow.

Frog Air Conditions of Supply.

  1. The displayed prices in this web site include:

    1. Installations, in a domestic situation. during normal Working Hours inside town limits (Mon - Fri 7am til 4pm). Work outside these times is subject to Overtime Loadings.

    2. All certificates of compliance as required.

    3. Removal and disposal of all packaging.

    4. Fair deal policy applies. At all times Frog Air endeavours to be fair and reasonable, we only operate with individuals and companies who are the same.

  2. Conditions of installation:

    1. Single story buildings. any jobs requiring height access will be charged to the customer as an additional cost.

    2. Installation vehicle, equipment and installation team must have clear and unhindered access to the site and internal/external location.

    3. Any travel, accommodation, additional fees and charges associated with installations in excess of town limits, will be charged to the customer as an additional cost.

    4. Any site specific safety inductions and or work method statements will be charged to the customer as an additional cost.

    5. House wiring/power supply/switchboard must be in accordance with Australian standards and Manufacturer specifications. Additional charges may apply for non-compliant electrical wiring/switchboards.

    6. Live work under no circumstances is live work permitted.

  3. Any additional charges will be discussed and agreed upon prior to commencement of works.



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What is not covered by this Warranty

1. The installation and/or any components supplied by others in the installation.

2. Faults incurred through lack of maintenance. (Eg. Drains, Filters, etc.)

3. Incorrect application or engineering of the equipment.

4. Any modifications or alterations to the equipment.

5. Incorrect operation of the equipment as per the User’s Manual instructions.

6. Any damage to the equipment caused by ingress of any foreign matter or person, animal or plant or part thereof, vandalism, accident, flood, fire, lightning strike, Acts of God, war, negligence or any other external source.

7. Transport or installation damage.

8. Damage or performance related problems due to incorrect power supply, external wiring, voltage surges and fluctuations, or external electrical or electromagnetic interference. (Eg Generators)

9. Transport and freight costs to remote areas. (Eg. Ferry or barge fees, accommodation etc.)

10. Travel costs outside metropolitan areas

11. Costs associated with gaining safe access to equipment. (Eg. High installation, Safety Induction Courses etc.)

12. Any fault with equipment installed in mobile locations. (Eg. Boat, Bus, Caravan etc.)

13. Damage or performance related problems due to corrosive environments. (Eg. Coastal, Mining, Sulfur areas etc.)

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Frog Air.

Specialising in the supply and installation of spit system air conditioning.

Operating since 2006 Frog has a demonstrated a track record in the retail sector.

In 2011 Frog joined Eastwood Property, Bringing proven systems, and technical support.